Friday, 11 May 2012

Ectopic Pregnancy Trust - A small charity a day in May - Day Eleven.

Welcome to day eleven in Week Two - when pregnancy goes wrong where I highlight those small charities that help parents cope when pregnancy goes wrong.

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The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust has the following mission statement: Providing information, education and support to those affected by early pregnancy complications and to the health professionals who care for them.

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The Trust produces a suite of patient-orientated literature, designed to help those affected by the condition, with detailed information about their particular treatment and the condition in general. Their literature is widely used throughout hospitals in the UK to ensure that patients are supported and informed.

The website provides information about the diagnosis, treatment and after-care of the condition written by medico/nursing advisors to the Trust.

The charity also provides Education and Support services to the medical profession and patients.

For more information please visit their website

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