Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Minister Married to an Agnostic - a conversation #100wcgu

Hi Mike, how's work today?
Cool; so you'll be able to get off a bit early on Friday?
Neil told me it's Curry Night tonight, you know the church one for the guys; do you fancy going?
Oh go on; since when did you turn down a Ruby Murray?
Andy is planning on being there and Neil's going, there'll be lots of people you know.
No ones going to try to convert you; you might even have a laugh.
Ok, it's your choice, but you might just enjoy it.
No problem, see you later.
Love you.

This was written for 100WCGU week 40 which gave the prompt "Ruby". If you'd like to see more creative pieces of writing then visit


Midlife Singlemum said...

A Minister married to an agnostic must be quite hard. Did the Minister find religion after they were married or did he/she know the score when they got together?

Emma Major said...

Better than that - they got married knowing one was a Christian and the other an Aestheist. Over time things have got closer in the middle. A great example of love and respect and understanding and tolerance.

rmannell said...

Tempting Mike with a curry? He must be weighing up the curry against a fear of conversion. To have concerns, Mike mustn't have strong agnostic convictions. When our faith is strong, even in agnosticism, we needn't fear attempts to change us. :)

Well written.

SusanKMann said...

Excellent piece. x said...

Yum. I suspect Mike will take his chances!

theotheralig said...

I like this. I was a Church Minister once, but that did not put Mr G off. We agree to differ these days.

jfb57 said...

I love the use of the rhyming slang! I'm sure there is so much fun that has been missed from concerns about 'church stuff'!
Great to see you on the 100WCGU