Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shame on you North Carolina

I do not and CAN NOT even begin to understand what happened at the polls in North Carolina yesterday.  How can a population the size of London decide to ban all gay marriage?
In case you missed the news:
Voters in North Carolina have approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage that "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognised in this state".  Returns showed the amendment passing with 61% in favour and 39% against.

Yes, that's right, 61% of the state - almost 6million people, voted in favour of banning gay marriage in any form in their state. 
How can this happen?
How can so many people believe that love between two people is illegal?
How can such a large population choose to discriminate to such a huge extent?
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
I hope these people feel the shame that is deserving of being so discriminatory.
Today I pray for the LGB community in North Carolina; may you know that you are accepted by the majority of the world and that this is a travesty which is deplored by us all. Amen.


Nickie said...

Just a thought: rather than heaping shame on the people of North Carolina and perhaps coming across as judgmental yourself....could we not agree that the result is a travesty - love those who voted regardless; praying that as they grow to understand this unconditional love and accept themselves, they can learn to accept others.
Discrimination will never be eradicated and certainly no changes will be made when people do not understand the true power of love....let's show them that power - dare to be different


Emma Major said...

You are so right Nickie, thanks so much for bringing me down from my highground.

I join you in praying for love, peace and understanding between and within all people in North Carolina and across the globe who struggle with the acceptance of people in all their differences.

And I ask God for his guiding and calming presence in my heart when my human anger effervesces.

God Bless Nickie xxx