Sunday, 6 May 2012

St Nicolas Earley Church - A small charity a day in May - Day Six.

Welcome to day six of Week One - Close to Home where I highlight those small charities that are closest to me geographically and personally. For an introduction to this series please visit

Did you know that every Church of England parish church is an individual charity? No? Always thought the church was centrally funded somehow? I did; then I found out the truth. Each church has its own charity status and is responsible in its own right for fundraising and reporting.

Since this is true I could do nothing other than include my home church in this close to home week of small charities.

St Nicolas Earley is a welcoming church, active in the local community and open to everyone. We are growing in numbers and activities and celebrating in this growth.

Over our door it says
Open to God
Open to each other
Open to community

And so we are. If you're ever passing then please pop in, we'd love to meet you.

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