Saturday, 9 June 2012

My motto for today

I was reading some fabulous writings by amazing ministers on the RevGalBlogPal community this week; they were musing about ministry and how they feel about it.

I made lots of notes, as I like to do when I'm reading, and was really struck by this sentence which has stayed with me.

"I’m clearly supposed to be doing what I do. I’m not the best, though I’m better than I thought I’d be."

I wish I could find it again to attribute it correctly, but I can't. If its your wise words then thanks, and please tell me who you so I can add your name to it.

This is my motto for today, and one day at a time for as long as it feels right. It reminds me that I'm not called to be perfect, that I might well make mistakes; and that I'm actually doing ok, better than I ever imagined.

I'd been suffering sleepless nights before we came away on holiday; rehashing events and mistakes and concerns in my head. Since I've found this mantra the sleep had returned and I have found some calm.

Whilst my formal prayer has been lacking (I'll post about that later) this has been my prayer.

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