Friday, 8 June 2012

SummerSummerSummer Time

Are you singing along?
Are you chillaxing Will Smith style?
Are you in an open top car driving down the Miami strip?

That is what I'd love to do this summer, but only for a day or so because after that I know I'd be bored. I'm actually thrilled with the look of our summer ahead; here are my top five highlights.

5. Running Olympic Peace themed clubs for kids in our community. It'll be a lot of hard work and they'll wear me out but it'll be a blast and worth all the effort.

4. Speaking at Greenbelt. I have nerves galore about this but am thrilled to be able to highlight the very real need for churches to support parents who loose a child before birth.

3. Going to the Olympics. We might only have tickets to weightlifting but we're just excited to be able to experience this once in a lifetime event at London 2012.

2. Family time by the sea. I've blanked out our flat from bookings for a few weeks of the summer holidays and I'm looking forward to having a few mid week breaks there with Rachel.

And in at number 1. Rachel's birthday. It's a joy beyond all joys to celebrate the day of her arrival; this year there'll be teddies and a lovely group of girls celebrating with us. Perfect.

What are your top 5 summer highlights you're looking forward to?

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