Saturday, 9 June 2012

You could have had it all

The Saturday Centus from Jenny Matlock gives these simple six words as the prompt today. My mind has taken me off on an autobiographical slant, so here's my story.

I used to run a business,
I really did quite well,
I enjoyed every minute,
As the bottom line did tell.

Then I had a daughter,
Angel of my heart,
I gave up the business,
And made a new start.

Always one for challenges,
I also did some learning,
Counselling and Psychology,
But still I was a-yearning.

Eventually I accepted that
To ministry I was aimed
My life changed forever
And yet many I knew exclaimed

"What are you doing?
You could have had it all"
The answer though is clear to me
I'm truly happy following God's call.


Sue said...

Sounds like you DO have it all...

and a lot of wisdom, too.


Viki said...

Loved this. Following one's heart to where ever it leads is having it all. Great census.

Jim said...

Oh yes, Emma, I like this one! Yes, the calling to the ministry generally means laying down a lot. In our denomination, Southern Baptist, we do have some bi-vocational pastors who keep their full time jobs and also preach and minister but somewhat on a part time basis.

I looked at your 'who I am' page to see that your church is near Reading. Our daughter and family, granddaughters three and fifteen, and hubby live in London in St. Johns Wood. When we visit there we attend Abbey Road Baptist Church but that is not real good for the fifteen-year-old as there aren't others her age. So I wish your church was closer and we would help them check things out.

Is it hard to write a poem with a word restriction? You did really good. At first I though it might be but then divide 106 by five and get five 21 word verses (+1 word). That wouldn't be so hard, (again) you did really good. I didn't count each line or, etc, though. But as they say in golf putting, 'it is doable.'

anitamombanita said...

Awesome! We were definitely on the same page!

Naila Moon said...

I too was once called to ministry and "having it all" means something entirely different.

Thanks for this one and reminder.

~Naila Moon

Ames said...

To hear the call must be truely a miracle.~Ames

Karen S. said...

So wisely written too! :)

Jenny said...

This is wonderful.

I think it sounds like you DO have it all.

All that really matters that is!

Beautiful touching words here!

Thank you for sharing them.