Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Showers #NaPoWriMoDayTwentyThree

April showers
Can not dampen wedding joy
Blossom confetti

April showers
Daily water spring shoots
Life giving

April showers
Appear out of nowhere
Gone so soon

April showers
Warm spring evenings
Cool rain


Linked up at carpe diem for the prompt "the cool rain".  The first is about our wedding fourteen years ago, the spring showers never touched us but gave the churchyard a beautiful damp smell of blossom.


kz said...

enjoyed this set thoroughly. it leaves a sense of joy to the reader ^^

Sara McNulty said...

Lovely haiku set. I like warm spring rain.

Björn said...

It's said that rain on the wedding day is a good thing... Love your set

joke said...

Lovely series of haiku on 'the cool rain'.