Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Muddling through parenting #NaPoWriMoDaySeventeen

One way of parenting
I prefer nurturing
What about you?

Prefers to be firmer
Lacking of energy
Spoils kids instead

Together muddling
Raising the younger ones
Families make their way
Nowt else to do

This poem is a dactyl in form, although I think I've taken it too far with the stanzas.  For more see real toads challenge today.


Susie Clevenger said...

Love it! Unfortunately I didn't have as much input from grandparents in my daughter's lives as I would have liked. We lived to far away from them.

aprille said...

Love the muddle/parenting association.Is it a cat's cradle and will it unroll itself magically ;-) ?
Very generous, giving an extra stanza . Trips off the tongue. Me thinks you've done this before, no?

Ellecee said...

I appreciate your message in this poem,,it's not easy figuring out the best parenting methods. And also congrats on the well crafted form,,,

Margaret said...

Discipline or nurturing? Ha, they go hand in hand with me... and with six kids... the oldest help raise the youngest. And I think my 6th is the better off for it. :) Time will tell. (I can't stand spoiled kids)

Kay L. Davies said...

Muddling together is what most families do. I'd give anything to have my octogenarians back.
And you didn't take anything too far, you just wrote a triple dactyl.
Well done, Emma.

Other Mary said...

That's a lot of truth in your dactyls. And I just love the illustration you have with it!