Thursday, 11 April 2013

@_Bendaroos_ Lion Card #NaPoWriMoDayEleven

How about making a lion
Out of all these bendaroos
     I can't make a lion
     Is there something else to choose?

Of course, anything you like
But you can do it if you try
     Ok then, I'll have a go
     If you tell me about these guys

I first saw a lion in the wild
When in Kenya on safari
Everything about that trip
Is etched into my memory

Everyone we met was smiling
I never expected that at all
And at night the place was filled
With terrifying animal noise

The heat was like an oven
Even at the pink sunrise
And every animal we saw
Was covered in pesky flies

The first animal I saw was a giraffe
Even more majestic in the wild
Towering over the plains
I was even shorter than their child

A herd of zebra blocked the road
A proper zebra crossing
Then we saw a cheetah
But it wasn't busy chasing

The lion sight was the second day
A pride asleep in the shade
The male surrounded by family
Making sure they all behaved

I could barely breathe with amazement
The wonder of these powerful cats
But I never moved from my seat
Much safer silent and sat

     Wow, I can't wait to see that
     Can we go on safari one day?
Yes, in the next couple of years
We'll have a trip that way

     I'll finish this lion card now
     It's only the mane to go
It's a wonderful creation
Well done, way to go.


Linked up at poets united for the prompt coloured, and at real toads for the prompt Destinations and Dialogue.


Margaret said...

To be able to share that experience with a loved one, and to be able to go twice on such an adventure... Wow.
I can feel the awe you felt while there.

Herotomost said...

What a great way for a child to learn through our experience and for us to learn about things they may be passionate about in the future. I loved the way you combined the art project with the life experience....loved every minute of this. Thank you.

Ellecee said...

This is a wonderful description of the sights and sounds of your trip and your little one picked up quickly on your excitement and vision. A nice dialogue and I like the rhythm of your words,,,

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yes, awe-some! I've almost resigned myself to never seeing lions and giraffes in the wild, but your descriptions fill me with the wonder of it all over again. I hope your youngster and I both get a chance to go.

Grace said...

Such a lovely story ~ I dream of going to a safari one day ~ And a nice lion's card too ~

Helen said...

I was fortunate to travel during my career ... I miss it now. Africa was on my wish list, however I never made it. You are blessed to have the memory.

aka_andrea said...

Great use of color and wonderful storytelling!

Marian said...

awww, very sweet. and that's a rockin' lion bendaroo, too!

Mary said...

I enjoyed this...and how lucky you were to have had such an adventure and to look forward to going back again!

Jinksy said...

That's one great lion! :)

Kim Nelson said...

Bendaroos are so much fun. Great for play during long car rides!

Dave King said...

Obviously a wonderful experience. It comes across in the writing. Thanks for sharing.

Susie Clevenger said...

Goodness to have gone on a safari..that is one of my dreams. Beautiful experience to share art and story with your child.