Monday, 15 April 2013

Living with the animals #NaPoWriMoDayFifteen

In a box
Best place to hide
Warm and cosy

     Exploring everywhere
     Looking at me?

     Follow my leader
     What will he show me?

     What's that
     Movement in the hutch

          Oy, paws off
          There's nothing to see here
          This is my castle

I'm king
Of every castle


Just a little insight into what it's like living with our elderly boy Sid and our young whipper snapper Tommy; with a guest appearance by guinea pig fudge.


Jim said...

Hi Emma ~~ I'm liking this. Even before I saw Tommy I liked it.

It did remind me of the many, many, homeless people here in the U.S. some of whom live in cardboard boxes.

Our locak Famil Promise organization parcipitating churches do fund raisers called 'Cardboard City' where church members, those young enough to do it, each spend the night living in a cardboard box. Like a bicycling or running event, they get conrtibutions from friends and family, etc.

Helen said...

Paw's off! Delightful!!

Kay L. Davies said...

I enjoyed this, Emma. I love black & white, and white & black cats.

Laura said...

LOVE it!

Margaret said...

It is easy to see how much joy your cats bring you. I swear, seeing my cat stretch or sleep curled up in the sun, or walk tail straight with a kink at the tip... just puts a smile in my heart too :)

Margaret said...

Just checking to see if this posts... I 'm not sure if my comment was lost...

Ellecee said...

Love it, pets with attitude - I have a couple of those too,,

Kim Nelson said...

smiles... I have two dachshunds, so to this can relate!

Kim Nelson said...

smiles... I have two dachshunds, so to this can relate!