Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shall I compare thee? #NaPoWriMoDayTwentyThree

Shall I compare thee
To a summers day
Scalding to the skin?
I'd rather compare thee
To a spring sunrise
A cool and clear morning.

Perhaps the years
Have caused this change
Improvement I do feel
Whilst heat is great
When energy's high
Warmth's a worthier deal


Today is Shakespeare's birthday and so I've taken the famous line Shall I compare thee to a summers day and allowed it to inspire a poem of my own.  I'm not sure about this at all but I can't seem to change it so I'm allowing it to stay as today's offering for real toads this national poetry writing month.


Susan said...

Love this. Maybe it's the "years / have caused this change" but that last line knocks this little one out of the ball park for a home run. Warmth is a "worthier deal" in the weather and relationships and in many other arenas as well.

Kay L. Davies said...

So true, Emma. Heat was great, once, but warmth is much better now!
An excellent write. No need to have worried at all.

Helen said...

... no need to change one word!!

Margaret said...

rather to a spring sunrise... ha! Yes, I do think that is a better comparison. :)

Susie Clevenger said...

So glad you let it stay. I love it. I too would rather compare someone to a spring morning. Lovely work!!

Yousei Hime said...

Clever shift and humor using the Bard's concept. Thank you for the fun read.