Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pigeon #NaPoWriMoDayTwentyThree

Not fussy eaters
Flying rats

Scare off smaller birds


As you might be able to tell I'm not a huge fan of pigeons but I've written about them anyway and linked up at carpe diem.


Kristjaan Panneman said...

How is it possible that you don't like pigeons? I love them ... well ... everybody has his or her own opinion and I respect of course. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Guess you have seen some tough city pigeons ~ strong senryu ~ enjoy ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I often wonder why so many people display such antipathy toward one of God's creations.

Stalking Pigeons

Björn said...

There are certainly that kind of pigeons in some of the big cities... but they are still part of us, just like the rats.