Sunday, 14 October 2012

Follow my leader

This poem is for the prompt at Jenny Matlocks blog for Saturday Centus and inspired by one of my favorite kids activities to teach about trust.

I'm being led by the hand
Have no idea where we are
The blindfold is tight and dark
All I have is sounds and trust
I'm walking outside, that I know
But where I'm going I've no clue
Wait! I hear a sound I know
We must be underneath the trees
The leaves crunched under my boots
until they didn't, now what?
Is that a road that I can hear
I hope we're not going any nearer
Kids I trust you, of course I do
But you have to keep me safe, you hear?
Giggling and shouts now come
Quickly I'm turned around
We seem to be heading back home
I can rest, I hope, again
At last I know we're back inside
What an adventure, glad I survived.

Photo by Wia Kotze


anitamombanita said...

fun take on the prompt!

Unknown said...

I really love the picture prompt..and your poem..all I have is sounds and trust. this post very much. Great job! Mine is here

Jenny said...

Oh...I love the surprise of the picture here.

I was leaning toward the dark spectrum...kidnap...abduction...

How fun to see elephants instead!