Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Written by Emma Major

I have been sitting on my (electronic) pile of written but not illustrated books for months, too scared to approach illustrators for fear of rejection and too lacking in confidence to release them into the world for criticism.  But things are changing, thanks to a combination of little, and large, pushes from friends; and a series of what I like to call God incidences.

I am about to publish my ebook entitled "This is my story; This is my song" having found the perfect woman to design the front cover.  This book is the story of my babies who died before they were born; it is my song of healing and hope in grief, given as a gift to others.  It is not a diary or an autobiography of my experience; rather it is a collection of poems and prose which I have written over the years in memory of my four baby boys and in the journey of grief which I have travelled. They were written as a form of healing and they are given now in the hope that they might help the healing of those who read them.  All proceeds from the book will be donated to The Miscarriage Association.

I am also in talks with the illustrator who I hope will agree to illustrate the book I wrote in Zambia entitled "Ten Bible Stories for Children in English and Bemba".  This book is written in English and translated into Bemba, the most commonly spoken language in Zambia.  Every book sold will actually purchase two books; one for the purchaser and the second to be given to the children of the churches, schools and communities supported by The Jubilee Centre in Zambia.

As for Divine Routes; I know the perfect illustrator will appear in God's time, I'm just trying not to second guess when that might be.  If you know someone who would like to see a series of bible stories for preschool boys illustrated with buses, brought to market then please point them in my direction.  I'm yet to decide which charity to give the proceeds of this series of books to, but I'm sure the illustrator that I'm meant to work with might have ideas.

I can't believe that I have all these books written, or that there are at least another dozen in various stages of production, but I think I might need to face the fact that I am meant to write in a way that is broader than just this little blog of mine.  I might have to start embracing the name "author".

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