Thursday, 11 October 2012

I am a #one Lifesaver; you can be too!

If you read LLM Calling or know me then you'll know how passionate I am about releaving poverty across the world and especially in Africa.  I have been committed to this for most of my life and my recent trip to Zambia has made me even more determined to be a part of the cause to bring the western world to account for their failings in the developing world.

To this end I have become a #Onemum community partner.
In this role I have today signed the petition calling on European leaders to ensure the EU keeps its promise to the world’s poorest people by connecting over 51 million more people to clean water and vaccinating over 9 million more children against measles.  Join me and the 100,147 other Europeans who have taken action so far as part of the #one lifesaver of the century campaign.

I am now calling on you to become a #one lifesaver as well.  It's easy to do, it costs your nothing and it takes just a few taps of the keyboard or smart phone screen.  Come one, you can make a difference; just visit the  #one website.

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