Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Paper angels

I know I might get shot for saying it, but..... Christmas is approaching.

As a children's leader I am planning Christmas parties, Christmas sessions and the all encompassing and fabulous Christmas nativity play.  I've blogged already about how I'm inviting the children themselves to write the nativity play with me, well I'm also asking them to provide the props and decorations which bring the church to life on the evening.

This first week we thought and talked about angels, discussing ideas such as what an angel might wear, whether we would recognise an angel in reading and if angels ever age.

We then made our own fabulous angels.
These are so easy to make for all abilities.
I drew a template, and cut some out for the younger kids, before adding the kids to decorate them in whatever way they fancied.  Once they're cut out they easily slot together, and advise a little bit of sellotape to hold everything in place. Et voila.  Paper angels.

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