Friday, 8 June 2012

#100wcgu Thanks Ma'am

Sixty years she's been on the throne
Sixty years apparently have flown
Don't get me wrong I don't disagree
But I'm not there for another 23

To celebrate, she gave us all
An extra day, to shout and call
Another day off, oh what a joy
With it we sailed, "land ahoy"

I'm not ungrateful, I like our queen
But on family time we're rather keen
So making use of the extra time
We celebrated on our own just fine.

Of course we missed all the celebrations
Street parties, bunting and revelations
But our queen knows beyond all doubt
That without family, we'd have nowt.


Louise said...

I love your take on the prompt :-)

jfb57 said...

You are so right both about the Queen and family. She would certainly agree about family. Many thanks for joining this diamond challenge!

scratchypen said...

Great sentiment, well done