Saturday, 9 June 2012

Do we think as big as God does?

I love thinking big, really big, huge. God gives me big ideas and I think that's because He knows I'm not afraid to try. I'm a risk taker when it comes to new ideas and initiatives and I don't worry about what might not happen.

The trouble is that most people I know are not so into the crazy big ideas I want to try. They prefer to constrain themselves by what they think is possible and ask me questions I have little interest in.
You know the questions:
"will we ever raise enough money?"
"will anyone volunteer?"
"isn't it better to do something smaller and see how it goes?"

To which I want to scream

God can make anything possible and he tasks us with believing in his miracles.
We need to think bigger.
Not just outside the box,
but outside the house,
outside the street,
outside the town,
out of this world!!!

The Bible is full of God's huge plans;
there's creation of EVERYTHING,
flooding the WHOLE world,
building an ark to hold two of EVERY species,
parting an ENTIRE sea,
becoming man to DIE to save ALL humanity.

Do you see anything small or insubstantial in there?
We need to take his hint.

So yes, believe we can double our outreach
Yes, believe we won't have room in the church in a couple of years
Yes, believe we can build an extension
Yes, believe a cafe would be popular
Yes, believe teenagers are searching
Yes, believe people can catch God's vision

Yes, believe!
And then do your part in His plan!

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Simoney said...

Hey Emma... so great you linked up xx
Gee I'm not sure why this post would upset anybody???
Maybe that's because I'm a bit of a dreamer too.
Like you, I see the need and think, "we have to do something about that..."
That's what we're called to do right? Shine our light? Be the "City on a Hill"?
It IS hard to communicate this with those who don't always see what we see... but be patient with them. Not all of us are made the same way. Some are slower to grasp things and need to see before they believe - like Thomas, who is known as "Doubting" but who actually ended up going the furtherest of any apostle (all the way to India).

Sometimes we who see the big picture need to be able to break it down into bite sized chunks for those who notice the details.
Start with "What's that in our hand?" and go from there.

But don't let go of that dream.

I think you would be encouraged by this story, of how a while back I had a huge dream, but started small... and now the Big Dream is alive and kicking...

God bless. Love your heart xxx