Saturday, 9 June 2012

Is God too busy to help you?

A wonderful blogger and retired teacher called Julia (find her at Julia's Place) has just got back from New York where she snapped the photo below.

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I saw it on her blog, it made us both smile but it also made me roll my eyes. Very kindly Julia gave me permission to "borrow" it here for my own reflections.

In my experience God is never "too" busy. He is always available to listen and guide us in our lives. I have never had a busy line or an engaged tone; I've never felt rushed or dismissed. I know God has lots of time for us.

I would also question what we mean by "busy" when we are talking about God. This is all about the problems we have describing God with human words, feelings and systems.

We think about minutes, hours, days, weeks and years. We have mortal lives with time constraints. But God is immortal; He has always and will ever exist. Add to this the fact that He is not constrained by a human body and it's limitations; He is beyond that. It is hard to think about what God can do and how He does it, but I am sure time and space don't get in His way.

Of course that doesn't necessarily help with finding a parking space, but I reckon that's more to do with us. I have often prayed for a parking space and often one has appeared. Perhaps God has helped me see one or maybe the act of praying has helped me calm down and that helped me find a space. I don't know which, but I know prayer works for me and millions of other people.

So thank you ad-agency for your helpful advice; but actually ...

I will keep praying because God is never too busy to help me.

Furthermore; in our society's crazy speed I would say that our problem is more about us being too busy to stop and pray. Now that's an ad in the making.

stop worrying about parking, life is too stressful to stop praying


jfb57 said...

Lovely reflections Emma. Thank you for the links.

Gail said...

great post! I find when I stop praying I get overwhelmed - I see the humour in this sign, definitely it gave me a chuckle..... BUT, just shows a limited understanding of God's limitless capacity to help us all - in small and the big! he is awesome.