Sunday, 5 August 2012

Celebrating ALL achievements

It's been amazing to see all the celebrations around the team GB medal winners at the Olympics; it's such a change to see positive media coverage. There have been smiles and congratulations and pats on the back galore.

But what about those athletes who have competed out of their skins? You know the ones I mean; those who've achieved new personal bests and beaten records and completely out performed themselves. How can we celebrate their achievements?

I hope that their stories will be told and their accomplishments acknowledged; for them but also for the rest of us. It's fabulous seeing the top of the top, but we can easily feel they're not like you and I and that they have nothing we can learn from.

It's these men and women that persevere in their own personal goals, where the limelight doesn't necessarily shine, that inspire me to be better than I expect to be.

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