Monday, 13 August 2012

Jason Manford, Gary Barlow, Still Birth, Miscarriage and Grief

I hope that the words Jason Manford has written and shared on his facebook notes will before long be worldwide; he has shared his experience of miscarriage and provided an amazing insight to how men deal with miscarriage.  Please follow the link and go read it yourself:

jason-manford my experience

Those of us who have lived through miscarriage know that sometimes normality has to continue.  For me it was being the Matron of Honour at my brother's wedding two days after Kendi died; I still have no idea how I made it through that day, but I'm so glad I did for them.

And so this is the response Jason wrote to all those who insulted Gary Barlow for playing at the Olympic Closing Ceremony. 

jason-manford the-gary-barlow-tragedy-and-internet-idiots

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