Thursday, 23 August 2012

Greenbelt Talk: Miscarriage; a baby does how do we mourn?

This weekend is... Greenbelt 2012; the arts, faith and justice festival with its roots in the Christian tradition.

I adore Greenbelt and am especially thrilled to have been invited to talk at this year's festival on a subject very close to my heart:

Miscarriage; a baby does how do we mourn?

At this one hour talk I will be:
- sharing my own experiences of miscarriage,
- overviewing the grief process and what families need after their baby died
- discussing the way churches can help families mourn
- sharing my experience of setting up a support group for families
- giving details of organisations who can provide information and support such as the Miscarriage Association and Babyloss
- providing details of the new Saying Goodbye remembrance services for which I am a Champion.

If you are at Greenbelt then I hope to see you there; if not, then feel free to contact me or download the audio of my talk directly from Greenbelt.

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