Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It's Greenbelt Time

I've spent a lot of hours over the last week pouring over the Greenbelt App and I now have 69 talks, musical sets, comedy performances and kids sessions favourited. That's 69 hours of things I'd like to see, hear and experience; and it doesn't include my own talk.

Those good at maths have realised that this is clearly impossible; correct. I face at least 2 clashes all the time; which could be examined by the fact that I'm coming as me and also as Rachel's responsible adult. But it is mainly down to the fact that the Greenbelt 2012 programme is stonkingly amazingly overwhelming fantabulous.

How did we ever cope before there were Apps released before Greenbelt? How did we know what we were going to see, when and where?

One thing's for sure; we probably took the whole festival much more gently. And yes, of course we left at the end of weekend having missed some stuff; but that still happens now, as well as at the beginning.

So how will I cope with these clashes?
I have a few simple rules:
1. Talks can always be downloaded afterwards - that removes some
2. Rachel needs to enjoy herself so kids things have to make up about half of each day
3. Greenbelt is as much about spending time with friends as anything else - I let that lead me
4. Folk On MUST be seen :)

And finally. What's happened to Tickling in Public? That was always our other must-see.

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