Sunday, 5 August 2012

Infinity Font Reflections

On Friday we went to Salisbury with friends and I finally visited the amazing Cathedral. For years I've been wanting to get there and see what all the hype is about; and now I know exactly why it's considered the most amazing cathedral in England. It's the height of the spire, the cathedral facade, the location, the quad cloister, the stained glass, the art, the choir stalls, the history and especially the font.

What a font it is; a beautiful piece of art to be admired; a pure and majestic form to host the holy; a simple yet magnificent vessel allowing the waters of baptism to hold centre stage within a building which had seen so many.

I stood for ages just admiring the font and baptismal waters. I was transfixed by the movement of the water and how it constantly regenerates and cleans.

Then I walked around and around the font admiring the way the cathedral reflected off the water. There is something amazing about seeing history reflected in the current state and the font captured it entirely.

Perhaps that's what had me and my friends, Mike and Rachel; bowled over about the font and cathedral; it's the way it holds it's history gently in the modern world and brings the centuries of tradition and learning into the current day and all it's concerns.

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Greenpatches said...

That's a really inspired thought you've shared about the font, Emma.

Salisbury Cathedral - and its font especially is one of my favourite 'quiet places.' Good to see it again. I can see a visit coming on, too, before too long.