Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Greenbelt Five

Greenbelt have been asking people for My Greenbelt Five – five things at this year’s Greenbelt that they’re excited about. I thought it'd be crazy to try and get it down to five, but here are five I definitely won't be missing.

1. Small talks, Big ideas
I'm looking forward to all of them but especially the set at 13.50 on Monday entitled "Including" with the following talks Who are you online? (Andrew Graystone), Me, myself, we (Alom Shaha), How to pray online (Pam Smith), Church of the latter day gamers (Andy Robertson) and The cross (Peter Graystone)

2. Worship Pageant
How can you go wrong with an event with the words worship and pageant in the same name? There's Blessed, Messy Church, Psalm Drummers, Dream and Movement in Worship - wow! We'll be starting at Messy Church and then exploring everything there is.

3. Wired Worship and Virtual Virtues
The fabulous Vicky Beeching is talking on how the internet and social media reflects our spirituality and how and what Jesus tweets? Right up my broadband stream.

4. Circle of Tales: a myth from Africa
This is a choice for Rachel which I know ill I'll love and learn lots from. There are puppets, live music and fabulous storytelling.

5. The Proclaimers
There's nothing like embarrassing the kids by dancing along to music from your youth; watch out kids!!

I'm going to be cheeky now and add in another which I'd see if I could somehow be in two places at once, talking in one and listening in another. What happens when you pray at Saturday at 10.30 in the Big Top; it looks like it'll be amazing and I'll be downloading it to listen to at home.

That's my Greenbelt five right now; I'll post my Greenbelt fifty after the weekend.

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Richard Gillin said...

Was going to try and download your talk to listen to, but it's not there! (Am hoping there's a missing "yet" on the end of that sentence...)