Thursday, 30 August 2012


Obviously I'm a mum
A mum to one you see
But you might not know I'm also mum
to four others you can not meet

Obviously I'm a minister
I work in the church for you
But you might not know that doubts
were my life for a year or two

Obviously I'm open about depression
That I've lived with it for many years
But you might not know that often
Talking about it brings me to tears

Obviously I'm a blogger
I write about stuff in my life
But you might not know that sometimes
I worry that it'll cause me strife

Obviously is such an underused word
For everything we take as real
We need to look beyond what we see
And understand what people feel


Karen S. said...

Obviously, I didn't know all of this, but now I do! Thank you!

storybeader said...

but the thing is, everything is not that obvious!
Obviously I learn about you.
I read your post all the way through.
But I'm sure you didn't know I was a poet,
Even though I love to do it!

It's All Connected said...

Obviously, a great post! ~ Maureen

anitamombanita said...

haha...there was nothing obvious about that! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. :)

AmyBird said...

Sharing a little about yourself in the form of a poem is a fantastic idea :) And sorry about the depression :( I am suffering from depression at the moment and I know that is awful :( But I'm sure we will both get better :D

Jenny said...

I really like your poem Emma.

I think nothing is obvious about anyone.

We never know the heart of another soul...or the suffering...or the joys.

All we can do is hold hands in fellowship and rejoice that we're all still on the ride!

Thanks for an oustandingly thoughtful link for the letter "O".