Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Remembering Grandad

No doubt you've seen these humorous images doing the rounds of Facebook of perhaps you've seen them on cards in shops, or been sent one. Today this one was posted by a friend and it reminded by of my maternal grandad.

There is a family tale from way before my time, in fact the tale's a vague memory from my childhood, about grandad and his solution for reading words he didn't know. He wouldn't struggle over the word or try to sound it out; he wouldn't look at the context and try to figure it out; no, he'd quite simply replace the word he didn't know with wheelbarrow.

Can you imagine?
Once upon a time there was a girl called wheelbarrow who lived in a castle with her wheelbarrow step sisters. She wore rags and had to clean and wheelbarrow all day long. One day her fairy wheelbarrow visited her and turned her into a wheelbarrow so she could go to the ball....
You get the idea.

It's been a lovely reminder of the man who I only have a few memories of; the other being him tinkering in the garage with his model boats.

What's your favourite memory of one of your grandads?

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