Monday, 6 August 2012

The tears of loss flow again

An hour ago I saw the news that Gary Barlow and his wife's fourth child, Poppy, was born an angel on Saturday. I sat staring at my phone unable to process the news that yet another family has to suffer the loss of a child. And then the years started flowing.

Tears of sadness for the loss of Poppy
Tears of grief for my own boys
Tears of regret for the Barlow family
Tears of confusion over the endless loss

Never will these tears stop whilst babies are born too soon and die before their lives are known.

Rest in Peace all angel babies, may God hold you safe in His loving embrace.


Blog FunTimeKiller said...

Greetings! Do you have any writing education or it is just a pure natural talent of yours? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

Emma Major said...

it's just me and a passion for communication. thanks for visiting