Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dear Prime Minister

Dear prime minister

I like your plan of the big society
But I think it breaks down, in reality
So many volunteers around the country
Not really valued by our economy

I work for free, I'm called to that
There's no doubt at all, it's a "real job"
But without a pay cheque and tax return
My pension by your system is robbed

Hear our plight, mine and many others
We don't take from you, we only give
We ask little, just one thing only
To be able, in our old age, to live

Let us do our work, helping others
Giving our time, saving you money
We want no reward, nothing at all
Just being valued, is that really funny?

Yours sincerely


Real toads challenged us to write an open letter in poetry, this is one of several I've written today.


Kerry O'Connor said...

We ask little, just one thing only
To be able, in our old age, to live...

This strikes me as a universal cry. I think you should send this somewhere - perhaps a local newspaper?

Kim Nelson said...

What a wonderful letter to the leaders of the free world. Volunteers are vital to many non-profit organizations.

Margaret said...

Are volunteers threatened? Good grief, what would our world do without them?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, I so hear you - and isnt it RIDONKULOUS that old age pensioners who can scarcely afford to EAT have to pay taxes???????? Argh!

Hannah said...

I agree with Kerry. I think, too, that we should be able to do what we're called to do and be able to support ourselves doing it...especially when what we do serves the community at large.

Loredana Donovan said...

So true, many elderly have a hard time supporting themselves. It's great you do volunteer work, and it should be rewarded with a pension, it would only be fair.

Mystic_Mom said...

Here! Here! Well said, and should be shouted from the roof tops!

Susie Clevenger said...

This is a great letter to all who govern wherever that might how you ended it. Sad when serving others doesn't count if there is no paycheck.