Thursday, 14 February 2013

Miserable: a to z of mental health

Darker than blue
Lower than down
I'm miserable
Even more than a frown

Little is good
Nothing is great
I'm miserable
Is this really my fate?

When depression hits
The world goes black
I'm miserable
That is that!


Written for the letter M of my A to Z of mental health.


Peg said...

Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday for the first time... I hope you're just writing a poem about depression and you're not really miserable.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Oh my, been there done that got the t shirt (and, by the way, with a little help, survived).



Sue said...

And not much fun, is it?

Thankfully, it does seems to pass eventually.


Jenny said...

Oh girl.

I feel your pain here.

I'm not sure how to purchase the book to Kindle.

I'm a bit challenged by electronic media.

But I'd really like to buy it!

Hugs and A+