Friday, 8 February 2013

Scene one: snow

I must keep sweeping
No matter how deep it gets
It's my job to do
I can't see sidewalk
But I know it's somewhere here
I must keep sweeping


He can't see me
I'm invisible
With my collar up
Behind the lamppost
If I stay still
He'll go past
Then I can
Sledge again


Two very different poems inspired by the photo from sepia Saturday.


Bob Scotney said...

Two very apt poems. Emma.

Peter said...

I admire your capability to tell us your story within the limitations of a poem. Well done!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I loved them both! Lots of times when people don't want to help they do pretend that they are invisible, don't they?

Kathy M.

Karen S. said...

I especially like the mysterious feel to the second one, but they are both good and fitting with the photo!

Alan Burnett said...

That odd proximity of those two figures in the photograph are indeed intriguing. Yours is a fascinating take on the mystery.

Little Nell said...

An invisible sidewalk and an invisible man linked by the cloak of mystery.


Nicely done!!