Friday, 15 February 2013

Please look after my tortoise

Look at my tortoise
Isn't he sweet
Always looks tidy
Clean and neat

Never answers back
Rarely makes a mess
Loves a polished shell
Likes baths a bit less

Eats lots of lettuce
Some carrot as well
Will always be with me
That I can tell

But what will he do
If I don't come back home
Who will look after him
Where will he roam?

Please look after my tortoise
While I'm flying my planes
Love him like I do
All over again


Inspired by and Linked up at Sepia Saturday.


barbara and nancy said...

Great poem. Did you write this one?
I'm going to forward it to a friend who has pet turtles in her backyard. She'll love it.

Emma Major said...

I hope she likes it Nancy. and yes, everything on the blog is written by me (unless stated otherwise) :)

Wendy said...

I like the positive attributes of the turtle mentioned in your poem.

Boobook said...

Good one Emma

Alan Burnett said...


Mike Burnett said...

Back in the 60s or 70s there was a bit of a craze for Pet Stones, the could be treated like Tortoise, but required less exercising and were cheaper to feed.

Bob Scotney said...

Great, I shall read your poem at our Writing Group.

Emma Major said...

I've always wanted a tortoise, I can't see any downsides to them really

Emma Major said...


Emma Major said...


Emma Major said...

I remember those, in fact I think I had one :)

Emma Major said...

thanks Bob, that sounds scary

Postcardy said...

Nice poem. I guess tortoises do have some advantages as pets, though I prefer friendly cuddly ones.

Little Nell said...

I'll have him- he doesn't sound much trouble!