Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The science of patterns

What is mathematics
Why the study and strife
It's the science of patterns
Finding why there's beauty in life

Take fractals for instance
Where nature repeats
Or waves of sound and light
Which help us communicate

Look around you
And you'll see
Endless examples
Of symmetry

Maths is all about patterns
Even in the numbers themselves
Look at the nine times table
And embrace them yourself


Inspired by my love of maths and my desire that no child should ever fear it.  Linked up at Poets United.

The images are fractals in ferns, light waves, slinky springs and the fabulous nine times table.


Mametz said...

Wonderful, everytime i look at the 9 times table i am amazed. Great rythum tp the poem and great expression. Really like this.

Kim Nelson said...

Fabulous response to the prompt, Emma! Math and science and art... What a magical, wonderful system of creation we have around us and in us.

Chhavi Vatwani said...

I love you for loving mathematics!! We should be glad too that most people hate maths, makes us unique ;) (and very intellectual!).

I love this part: (reflects a very bubbly nature, Emma!)
"Look around you
And you'll see
Endless examples
Of symmetry"

typewriterpoet said...

so very true the patterns in math carry us through life even in this format the binary code makes it possible to use computers with it 0 and 1 patterns. What an inventive use of the prompt today!

Mary said...

There are indeed so many patterns in math. I enjoyed your poem. My nine-year-old grandson is fascinated with them right now, and I hope he continues to be. I am teaching him 'cube root' right now, which is above what he is learning in school...but his mind is a sponge!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

My son composes classical music and he says there is such a close connection between music and mathematics, it is amazing. Enjoyed your poem - and your passion that children should not fear it. I wish my teachers had felt that way. I HATED math.

Akila G said...

Oh ! an ode to math and math lovers. I wasn't one but have been smitten by its fascination. Patterns in every thing!

Panchali said...

Brilliant!! But, how can someone love maths...? I hated math...but, LOVED this poem on symmetry...Beautifully penned!!