Sunday, 24 February 2013

Just another Monday

I used to have
The Sunday night feeling
You know the one?
That awful sinking
But for ten years now
I've been free of it
I go to bed Sunday
Monday morning excited
I don't dread my work
I love what I do
So now every Monday
Is a chance anew
If you don't like
What you do all week
Why not make a change
Do what you seek


Inspired by and linked up at one single impression.


Jim said...

Nice one, Emma. That is what I would tell my business students that life was to good to be doing something they didn't like for a living.

Thank you for the nice prompt. It was a nice write even if I did get a little silly with my ditty.

Judy Roney said...

I felt the way you describe here when I retired. That is what I love...retirement. LOL This is a wonderful poem of finding peace by doing something you love.

G-Man said...

Please learn how to Hyper-Link.
I can NOT find your 55!!!
You are very talented and I would love to expose your stuff to a wider audience...Thanks galen

aprille said...

Well done you, changing your life around.
And putting it in verse is even better, so we can all share.

Margaret said...

Ah, if it really was that easy! :)

Poet Laundry said...

I like the peacefulness in this. A good feeling to have...and a great perspective.

Kim Nelson said...

long ago Sundays threw me into the pit of depression. it's been decades since that was true, but I can still conjure the awful sensations. thank God my life is so different now!!