Saturday, 9 February 2013

How about....

Aaron's ok
What about Beatrice
Consider Caitlin?
Dermot could be alright

Elizabeth is regal
Fred is ageless
Gilbert a performer
Harry a royal

Irene's uncommon
Justin's lighthearted
Kasey's appealing
Leonie's nice

Mick, a singer
Norman, a politician
Olive, a hippy
Poppy, a laugh

Quentin, Robert, Sean?
Travis, not quite right
Urvi, Violet, William?
Not tonight.


Linked up at Friday flash 55.
Which name would you choose from these?


G-Man said...

I've finally found you!
That in itself is a journey.
Emma, you can do a 55 in any theme of your choosing, you needn't be burdoned by using mine...:-)
Most excellent 55 though.
Thanks for playing, thanks for stopping by, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Emma Major said...

I didn't feel burdened, don't worry, I felt inspired and had a ball making this 55 words when it wanted to be 76 :)