Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sonnet of the llama

I drown in the depths of your eyes
Relaxing against your fur so soft
Lost in dreams of your gentle embrace

Your eyelashes stir the breeze
As palm fronds at an oasis
Your legs pace your stall
Yet you barely look my way at all

I long for a smile to cross your lips
For a snort of love to spark the air
Yet all you do is stare

I am across the way, every day
Will you ever see me, as me
And love me back
I wait each day, I wait to see


Kerry at real toads challenged us to write a sonnet and I based this on two llama at a farm we went to this week, you should have seen the way the white one looked at this gorgeous black beauty.


Kerry O'Connor said...

I think your 3 and 4 line alternating stanzas is a very innovative approach to a 14 line poem. I also enjoyed your description of these amazing creatures.

Grace said...

I haven't seen a llama...thanks for sharing the lovely sonnet form ~

aprille said...

Grace have you never seen a llama? Go out of your way to find one. They are indeed lovely and this one pining is gorgeous.
Such a nice topic for a poem, Emma.

Emma Major said...

thanks Kerry, I love how when we allow freedom to be then poems show the form they need.

Emma Major said...

oh Grace, that's sad that you've never seen one zoo or farm park. they are like camels yet also a lot like sheep and with the.most amazing eyes

Emma Major said...

thanks aprille, this one needed to have a poem written about him :)

Hannah said...

Awww...I love llamas and their eyes yes, one could drown in...that you wrote a love sonnet between two llamas just makes my heart so happy, Emma!!

Gail said...

Like the first I thought a horse, then I wondered but I did enjoy.

Mixi said...

Snort of love - I chuckled at this one.. love the picture of the llama - both the one you painted with words, and the one you put at the end :)

Wolfsrosebud said...

you did capture this creatures behavior

Jennifer Cooper said...

beautiful as the animals you wrote for

McGuffy Ann said...

Being a very critter-friendly person & advocate, I love this! Well done!
McGuffy's Reader

Ella said...

Beautiful poem and I love how you expressed it~
Well done!

Panchali said...

You have beautifully captured the innocent Ilama here.Your words are incredible...beautiful sonnet:)

Margaret said...

Yes, he is beautiful! There is a llama farm on the way to my horse barn. I did get out one day to photograph the barn. They really aren't the most friendly of animals... a bit reserved, but yes, their eyes are gorgeous!