Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sharing the bed blues

When you're sick you're welcome in my bed
To be honest I like to know you're still healthy
But when you're better it's back to your own you go
Because without you around I sleep like a baby

It's the wiggling and squirming
The tossing and turning
The throwing your arms out
That disrupt my sleep

Despite being tiny
Within half an hour
You've got most of the bed
And I'm half on the floor

So, yes of course when you're poorly
You can come and get comfort
But don't out stay your welcome
It's great to sleep separate


Linked up at Jenny's Saturday centus.


Judie said...

This is just sooo familiar! And what a sweet, sweet photo!

Bo said...

I love when my babies sleep with me, well sometimes...

Carrie said...

Unfortunately my youngest has been wandering into my bed more often, even when she's not sick! :)

Visiting from Saturday Centus

Viki said...

This is a parent's worst nightmare, ha. This was a very excellent take on the prompt.

Jenny said...

Sometimes I actually miss this.

Is that wrong?


I'm feeling pretty sentimental today with the birth of our newest Grandson.