Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pick your stripes carefully

Beware what you choose
When you want to wear stripes
They might not be kind

Might make you look wide
Or be expertly slimming
You might look funny

Make sure you're happy
Like a zebra on the plain
Pick stripes not shame

Before you decide
Turn around, side to side
Pick them carefully

As for the zebra
They carry all of their stripes


Laurie Kolp said...

I thought of that, too... and yet I still don't like to wear stripes... even if they're vertical.

Anonymous said...

Great pic and amusing poem. I am not certain which stripes are preferable! K.

Mary said...

So true, I think. Not all stripes work for everyone. But everyone can find appropriate stripes.

Peggy said...

LOL so true!! But at some point it gets to not really matter and like zebras we can wear all our stripes without shame!

Wayne Pitchko said...

smiles.....nicely done

Helen said...

I am on a campaign ... all striped articles of clothing manufactured for women of a certain age MUST be made with vertical stripes!! So there!

Lolamouse said...

If you're built as well as the illustration, you can wear your stripes any which way! For me, not so much!

Margaret said...

"does this make my butt look big?" ha ha. I'll take all black, please. :)