Monday, 18 February 2013

Held inside

So many faces
Knocking at my door
Most lack eye contact
Stare at the naked floor

So I'm hiding my pain
Keep it held inside
Fears all go scurrying
Where the roots hide

Yet one allows their birth
I open under their gaze
Gentle as if in candlelight
Give it an imaginary haze

I'm thankful for that moment
When I trusted someone else
Sharing all that pains me
And how it all had felt


Written to incorporate the words provided at the Sunday whirl.


oldegg said...

I liked the way you used the words with such apparent ease. All of us have hidden lives but what a relief it is to share with someone that can be trusted.

Lisa Williams said...

"thankful for that moment when I trusted someone else" what a release to find the courage to express the pain. This is a really nice poem.

Heidi said...

You are able to convey the pain of mental illness and how isolating it can be.