Sunday, 24 February 2013

Monarch butterfly

Wings of silk
Carry across continents
Strength untold


Linked up at Sunday scribblings where the prompt monarch was provided, I immediately thought of this beautiful creature.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Nothing softens the hardest heart like the appearance of a butterfly... such a delicate creature and yet strong, just as you have pointed out. I was recently inside a "butterfly house" at a fair, and it was a lovely experience with them flitting all about me!

Granny Smith said...

One of my favorite butterflies. I remember seeing a famous tree near Monterey, California, where they congregated annually, completely blanketing the tree.

Mametz said...

Love, simple yet very beautiful. Captures the butterfly wonderfully.

Mametz said...

Beautifully written - simple yet it captures perfectly the butterfly :)

gsb said...

My grandmother used to tell me that if a Monarch Butterfly landed on me, I had been touched by the hand of God.
nice writing