Sunday, 27 March 2011

Census 2011

Census 2011

It is the day, the once a decade day, the day of the 2011 census.  

This is a huge deal to me for the following reasons:
1. It is part of history, the results of what we provide today will remain of interest through hundreds of years to come, amazing!
2. I love statistics; not rubbish reporting of them, but pure unadulterated statistics about people.
3. I am fascinated in my local community and can't wait to find out how we are made up in terms of households, employment and faith.
4. It's the first time Rachel will show on the census record.

And so today I have been debating whether to complete the census on the paper version or to complete it online.  Do I want to follow the path of history and provide my own handwriting? Or show, as part of the census completion, that I am very much a part of the Internet age?

I have gone for the latter, it seems fitting that since I do everything possible online, I will complete the census online.

Happy census completion, today we mark a specific point in historic.

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geekmummy said...

I have completed it online too - as you say, it seems very appropriate given how much else I do online!

I do wonder thoughm how much money the government could have saved by sending an initial letter to see who would be completing it online, and then printing and sending the big book to only those who needed it :/