Sunday, 6 March 2011

Christening Reflections

Today was an absolutely fabulous day. A God day indeed. I became a godmother again, this time to a beautiful baby girl who I adore and am thrilled to have in my family.

It has been a few years since I was at a christening at a church other than my own, and it reminded me how fantastic it is to experience other churches and their ways. This service was relaxed and energetic, short and thoughtful, welcoming and inclusive, Godly and community based. In short it is a wonderful service for families, for anyone exploring church and definitely for baptisms.

It was especially lovely to be "anonymous", by which I mean I was there as a godparent and family friend, not as an LLM. I could just relax, it is a rare pleasure and one which I guess I will appreciate even more with time.

After the service we went back to the family house. There was the family with their wider family, the older boys' godmother and Mike, Rachel and I. It says a lot about a family that they welcomed us so readily into their midst without any pretence or nervousness about being themselves, the whole day was a blessing.

And tonight I am looking at the photos, especially the one at the top of this post, amazed at the wonder of godchildren and the sheer joy and honour it is to be asked to walk alongside them through each day of their life. I occassionally still long for a younger sibling for Rachel, but today realised the blessing which are those younger children in our lives which are very much a part of our family in everything but blood.

Today I became a Godmother again and Rachel became a Godsister.
Today was a God day; a great, always to be remembered God filled day.

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