Wednesday, 30 March 2011

God delusion?

It's a strange situation being married to and best friends with Aestheists and yet being in a very real relationship with God and in ministry for Him.

I know God, love Him and am loved by Him.
I journey with Jesus, sharing in his human life 2000 years later.
I am a conduit for the Holy Spirit and trust on His power in my life.

Yet those I love think what about this:
That I'm deluded?
That God is my invisible friend?
That I'm desperately searching for meaning?

I see it in the rolling eyes, the smiles, the jokes; they aren't being mean or unsupportive, they just don't understand what it is I feel, believe and know.

So I'm on a mission; not to convert, but to talk to these people I love and respect and try to understand what it is they think and believe. If they think I'm having a God delusion I'd like to talk about it, rather than avoid the subject as we have for years.

Hope they're up for it too :)

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Red said...

yay! go for it. I know it's hard, I get people saying things like 'you're so naive'... err, excuse me but no I am not! I am an intelligent woman with a degree, but I just happen to have a passion for Jesus. One of the best opening questions is 'well, how do you know there isn't a God?'. Almost impossible to answer...!