Saturday, 19 March 2011

Planning when to preach

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As an LLM not yet licensed I don't have an official ministerial agreement. That's not a problem, Things work great without one, in fact I'm not sure it will be anything more than bureaucracy (don't tell anyone I said so).

So the way things work when planning services is the following:
- N calls me and asks when I'd like to preach/lead/preside
- I look through my diary and exclude weeks I'm doing Sunday school
- I am clear about my weekend off (when we go to our flat)
- N highlights any services that need filling to see if I can help
- We agree one 1130 leading and one 930 preaching in the month
- N might also ask about my availability for special service eg holy week

Perfect, all are happy.

But it's got me thinking, how do other LLMs/Readers/Curates/NSMs arrange when they will preach, lead and preside?


Anne said...

It's lovely that you and your 'vicar' have such a co-operative arrangement. Long may it continue! But it takes very little to draw up a statement of how you work. Yours would be something like 'preach and/or lead at Sunday services on average 1/2 times a month and other special services as agreed. You could add in one weekend off (a month?) and some estimate of the hours you will be able to commit to ministry, including attendance at committees etc. Something about expenses and training needs is often included.

Drawing up and reviewing this gives you & your 'vicar' a chance to discuss your ministry as it develops; and when s/he moves on, or new colleagues arrive in the team, it is something in writing on which to base any new arrangement.

Lesley said...

Speaking as a stipendiary curate we have a rota for 4 months drawn up by the incumbent which we agree to, and the three of us do the seven churches between us - probably averages 2 services per week and we do the preaching and presiding