Monday, 14 March 2011

Royal wedding street party

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I have been debating what to do to celebrate Prince William's wedding to Kate; do we go up to London and sleep on the route so we get a great view; or perhaps we go up on the morning; or we have a street party. I've weighing up the pros and cons and here's how it went.

Sleeping on route:
- close
- could be a great view
- experience of a lifetime
- really atmospheric
- uncomfortable
- would a 5 year old stick it out
- would we really be able to see

Travelling up on the day:
- experience of a lifetime
- really atmospheric
- exciting
- extremely busy
- wouldn't get anywhere near close to the route
- wouldn't see a thing

Having a street party:
- see the parade and ceremony in detail on tv
- really relaxed day
- brings the community together
- would be a memorable day
- comfortable and safe with toilets nearby
- a whole heap of fun if it cones together
- much cheaper

So there we go, decision made, we are going to (try) and organise a royal wedding street party with bunting and BBQs and everything. Now to sort out how to get people interested.

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