Friday, 11 March 2011

Tsunami and Earthquake Prayers

Today we woke to the news of the Earthquake in Japan.
Let us pray for all those killed, injured or lost under the rubble of the collapse. May the rescuers find the strength they need, the medical experts the skills they need and the injured or lost the courage they need.

Then we heard that the quake had triggered a tsunami.
Father we bring before you all those engulfed by the wave as it travels across the ocean, may you comfort those in need and hold all who grieve.

And now we watch and wait to see the damage that is to come.
Lord we watch in fear, not knowing what will beset the pacific islands and countries as this tsunami travels across the ocean. We pray your peace on those in fear, your guidance for those who make plans to mitigate the risks, and your blessing on those who wait.

Father be with us all, Amen.

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