Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wind beneath your wings

No matter how you practice
Or how long you think
One day you'll have to take off
And pray that you don't sink

You start by getting rhythm
Gently coordinate your arms
Next get your legs involved and
Let your heart be calm

Then you take a run up
You'll need some courage when
You lift your feet off the ground
You'll be flying then

It's time to gain some height
And leave the ground below
Put in practice what you've learned
But be careful how you go

Now you're really flying
With the wind beneath your wings
Nothing's out of your reach
Let your heart sing


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Anonymous said...

I loke that the poem worked for me and THEN I saw the photograph and it worked a different way, but in essence the same. I loved rereading the poem after seeing the photograph.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I didn't envisage children swinging at all, but once I saw that photo I knew instantly that it was a perfect connection. Well done.