Friday, 1 May 2009

LLM Courses

I haven't posted about the courses I have to complete to become an LLM so here goes nothing.

The training is portfolio based thereby incorporating both knowledge and experience. There are 11 gifts and competencies which fit the needs of LLM ministry, each one has a list of skills which need to be demonstrated to become licensed. The mentor is provided to help evaluate where the LLM is against each gift and competency and develop the portfolio of evidence including theoretical work, courses, examples of ministry, reflections and feedback. At the end of training the mentor assesses the completed portfolio which is then moderated by the diocese before licensing.

LLM Gifts and Competencies:
Living the Christian Life - The Inward Journey
Living the Christian Life – Discovering God’s Call
Theological Reflection
Exercising Pastoral Care
Planning and Leading Worship
Planning and Leading Worship – Preaching
Developing knowledge of the story of the church
Developing and Applying Knowledge of the Bible
Interpreting Christian Doctrine
Engaging in Mission and Evangelism
Ministry in the Church - Being a Licensed Lay Minister

I have been told that my counselling courses exempt me from the Exercising Pastoral Care element although I might need to provide some proof for the portfolio; I will know more about this when I meet my mentor. The courses above in bold are the two I take this June.

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