Saturday, 2 May 2009

Portfolio taking physical form

Of course nothing has changed in my knowledge or skills since 6pm but I have now produced a physical portfolio of both under each of the gifts and competencies required of an LLM. It has taken 3 hours and it has been worth every second.

I have a file (well two actually, one physical and one electronic) with each of the gifts and competencies in a separate section. Under each section I have a cover sheet (as required) and the details of the gift/competency.

Under two of the gifts and competencies I have actually provided information which I think might be valid.

Planning and Leading Worship
* Summaries of the sermons/talks I have given over the last 6 months - 12 in total with links to the written sermons, feedback and photos.
* Details of the lent service that I designed with someone else from church this year including the order of service, instructions, introductions, photos and feedback.

Pastoral Care
* details of the courses I have taken related to pastoral care and counselling
* summaries of the work I do in this field
* linkings between the specific gifts and competencies in this area and the courses I have taken, the experience I have and the essays I have written
I have been told that I am exempt from this gift/competency but I wanted to provide some information just in case this is disputed for any reason. It has also been useful because I now am happy in myself that I can accept my exemption if this is seen as appropriate.

It's been quite a Saturday evening but it's done now and I feel prepared for my meeting with my mentor on Wednesday; what I have any experience in is documented, the rest I will learn as I go.


Nancy Wallace said...

Discovered your blog and decided to follow your journey towards LLM Ministry. I'm a Vocations Adviser, so I'm hoping to learn from your experience.

LLM Calling said...

thanks so much for following, I look forward to chatting to you more